The Lace Guild

Who’s Who

The Lace Guild logo:
the wheel of St Catherine,
patron saint of lacemakers

THE Lace Guild is a registered Educational Charity (not-for-profit organization) governed by constitution. It is managed by an elected Executive Committee, whose members are also Trustees of the Charity.

The Lace Guild is also an accredited museum with a large collection of lace and associated artefacts.

The Hollies, the headquarters of the The Lace Guild, is in Stourbridge and there are five permanent staff. The Guild also employs an editor who is responsible for for the quarterly magazine ‘Lace’.

Executive Committee

Hazel Calcott (Hon. Chairman)
Doreen Creed (Hon. Vice Chairman)
Mavis Thompson (Hon. Treasurer)
Jacquie Tinch (Hon. Secretary)
Gemma Barker
Janice Murphy (née Garside)
Clare Lewis
Lynn Macdonald
Denise Smith
Sue Smith
Liz Walker

Museum Committee

Gwynedd Roberts (Hon. Curator)
Mary Coleman
Ann Day
Liz Muncey
Sue Smith
Emma Daker (Museum Mentor)

Staff at The Hollies

Michelle O’Reilly: Admin Assistant
Emma Foster: Bookkeeper
Lynette Neilson: Accounts Clerk
Sara Shakespeare: Administrator
Sharon Rowley: Clerk
Sara Shakespeare: Librarian

Editor of ‘Lace’

Deborah Robinson

Hon. Webmaster

Gemma Barker