The Lace Guild

Tutor List

Updating the Lace Guild’s Lace Group Information

We are in the process of improving our services to our members and others who are trying to find out about lacemaking in their area. We would like to be able to give enquirers more information about lace groups. At the moment all we hold is a contact name for each group but this does not necessarily indicate where the group meets. We have created a new form which will provide details of meeting times and places and the type of meetings each group holds. Please would you draw this to the attention of your lace group leader or committee and ask them to complete a form and send it to The Hollies.

On the form available in the October 2011 issue of ‘Lace’ the section asking for the day the group meets was inadvertently omitted. The corrected form can be downloaded here as a ‘fill-in’ Word file or as a PDF file, and or posted to The Hollies.

Updating the Lace Guild’s Tutor and Lace Class lists

The Education Committee is aware that the information held by The Lace Guild on tutors and classes is both inaccurate and out of date. In addition, it does not provide us with enough information to plan courses and workshops for you or to be able to pass on accurate information to others.

We have created a new tutor form to help us keep more detailed information in the future. The form will be available on the Lace Guild stand at lace days and events. It can also be downloaded here as a Word file or PDF file and or posted back to The Hollies.

It is not essential for a tutor to be a member of The Lace Guild to be included in the list. In addition to the usual personal details you would expect on a form we also want to know which laces people will teach, to what level, whether they will have mixed ability groups and information about how far a tutor will travel.

Please pass this request for information to any other teachers of lacemaking. We welcome information from our members who live outside the UK too, especially if you visit the UK occasionally.