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ON this page we post information of events of interest to Guild members and other lacemakers that would normally appear in our magazine, Lace, but which was received too late to include in our current issue. Occasional corrections to the magazine or our publications are also posted here. Items are listed by date of posting, with most recent postings listed first. The Lace Guild also has a twitter feed (@TheLaceGuild) which those on twitter can ‘follow’.


The results of the Competition associated with the 2016 Advent Calendar are as follows. Answer: DUCHESSE. Winners: Edwige Renaudin and Susan Vossier. Congratulations to them, and commiserations to the many other entrants with the correct answer.


The date of Glasgow Lace Day is incorrect in ‘Lace’ 164 — it will be on 8th April 2017. All other details are correct.


Errata for ‘Lace’ 160, October 2015
The pricking for Black and White by Pat Perryman is too large and should be reduced to 75% of the printed size for working with Honiton techniques. At the correct size it should measure 7.25in (18.4cm) from the top of the arch to the bottom of the skirt.
The instructions for the Honiton Flower by Doreen Creed omitted to mention that the reason the holes on the inner edge of the pricking are closer together is that no back stitches have to be done. A normal Honiton edge on that side is not necessary, only one twist around the pin.